6th China-Japan-Korea Tall Building Forum Held in Nara, Japan

05 July 2019

Organized under the theme, "Visiting Old, Learn New," this year's CTBUH-sponsored China-Japan-Korea Tall Building Forum drew more than 80 participants from five countries.

2018 China-Korea-Japan Tall Building Forum

15 June 2018

The 2018 China-Japan-Korea Tall Building Forum was held on June 15th, 2018 at the Busan Haeundae Grand Hotel in Korea.

WOODRISE, 1st World Congress

12–15 September 2017

FCBA, FPInnovations and Building Research Institute, in collaboration with ADIVbois, have decided to organize the first world congress on high-rise and residential wood buildings.

Vertical Transportation: Ascent & Acceleration

12 September 2017

CTBUH partnered with Guinness World Records to identify the commercial building with the fastest elevator speeds and longest vertical runs.

Twisting Tall Buildings

18 August 2016

CTBUH has released a study that looks at the recent proliferation of twisting towers creating a new generation of iconic buildings throughout the world.

2016 China-Japan-Korea Tall Building Forum

08 July 2016

The third China-Japan-Korea Tall Building Forum was held at the Tokyo Institute of Technology, on the topic of "Innovative Motion Engineering in Tall Buildings."