CTBUH 2021 International Conference

08–12 November 2021

The CTBUH 2021 International Conference is unlike any other, comprising CTBUH chapter events staged across multiple times zones around the world.

CTBUH France: Global Walking Tour and Chapter Inauguration

10 October 2019

As part of the 2019 Global Walking Tour, CTBUH France organized a tour of Trinity Tower, which also served as the inauguration of the new Chapter.

2018 Global Walking Tour: Walking on Water Reports

02 August 2018

Join the Urban Habitat / Urban Design Committee for the 2018 Global Walking Tour. This year, tours will explore the role of the Tall Building in waterfronts and other natural settings.

WOODRISE, 1st World Congress

12–15 September 2017

FCBA, FPInnovations and Building Research Institute, in collaboration with ADIVbois, have decided to organize the first world congress on high-rise and residential wood buildings.

Tall Timber: A Global Audit

26 June 2017

The CTBUH has produced its latest Tall Buildings in Numbers research study, entitled "Tall Timber: A Global Audit."

Executive Director’s Europe Trip Paves Way For Research Projects

19–23 January 2015

CTBUH Executive Director Antony Wood and Research Director Dario Trabucco made a week-long journey to Paris and Luxembourg to pursue several initiatives on behalf of the Council.

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Peter Terrell

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Jean-Marc Jaeger


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