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HYPRLIFT Inc. is a technology startup that’s developing a next-generation elevator intended for skyscraper-class buildings.

Unlike traditional elevators that rely on cables to hoist the cab up and down in a dedicated shaft, HYPRLIFT cabs are self-propelled, high-performance electric vehicles that are not bound to a single shaft, but instead navigate autonomously throughout multiple shafts. In lieu of cables, HYPRLIFT cabs are equipped with an onboard dynamic-tractive drive system that engages with the shaft and propels cabs at high speed.

By omitting the cables, HYPRLIFT allows multiple cabs to travel within the same shaft, enabling greater transport capacity and shorter wait times to be achieved using fewer shafts. This is important because by reducing the number of shafts, HYPRLIFT frees-up valuable space in the building, space that can then be utilized for revenue-generating purposes. What’s more, omitting the cables allows HYPRLIFT cabs to travel non-stop to virtually any height, eliminating the need for skylobbies and freeing-up more valuable space.

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